Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More 4-wheeling

Conrad's 2nd Tooth

When Conrad lost his 2nd tooth, it was a much better experience. He made a little play land and bed for the tooth fairy. He learned this from Sophie.

Here is the note from the tooth fairy... typed very small...

Conrad's Door

Con drew these pictures, and hung them on his door for months...

This one means, "Don't wake me up Sophie."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Sunday Morning Fun

We love marble works at our house, especially on Sunday mornings...

Fun with Pipe Cleaners

I try to have all sorts of craft supplies on hand, and I never know what my kids are going to do with them. I have a whole bin of pipe cleaners, and this is what Sophie and Mia did...

Silly girlies!

Studio 5

A Studio 5 producer contacted me, asking what I was planning for my blog. I haven't been doing much, as I have been pregnant and tired, but I told her about a few things I did last year. She was very interested in a girlfriend Halloween Party I threw last year, and asked me to come on the show. I was super excited to do it, but felt a little LARGE! Oh well... it's part of life... right?

My mom and Kristen came to help, and they were SO MUCH help!
Thanks ladies!

Brooke and Darin, the hosts of the show were nothing but nice, and made me feel so comfortable :)

My Halloween display.


My mom

I don't know if these shots were taken during filming or not, but I am thinking maybe before?

It was so fun, and a great experience!

Here is the clip:

Trip #2 to Hogle Zoo...

I told Wayne I had so much fun with the kids at the zoo when my mom and I took the kids, that we decided to go back for a second time. It did not disappoint!

Here are the kids on the train ride.

Measuring up to the apes!

Sophie in her ape pose.

Playing on the giant spider web...

Going, going...


Sophie in an egg.

Con didn't get to go in the bird house, because he wasn't behaving, so I sat with him. We did see a large talking bird, that he had fun talking to outside. He has a way with animals.

Gopher holes...

Snake slide

Who wouldn't want to sit on a giant spider...

Or a giant caterpillar?

Trip #2 to the ZOO... a perfect success!

Sunday Morning Fun!!!

I love Sunday mornings, as do the kids. They play with each other all morning, and the favorite seems to be Cowboys and Indians. Con puts on his horse, and Soph her unicorn :) The run around and chase each other. They set up a play town in the basement. They are just too cute.